SxWxP could and should ignite the passions of the uninitiated. A brilliant debut. 9 out of 10” - Mark Kacey

Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine

These newcomers to old hands have more than deserved some attention. 8 out 10” - Dawak

SxWxP have made a heavy metal album that has jumped in the gap left by both Abbott brothers, if you like this kind of Southern Groove metal then you'll be cranking up these Trans Am Jams as loud as possible!” - Rich Oliver

Musipedia of Metal

These guys aren't joking ” - Caio Botrel

Metal Temple

Their d├ębut album together, Trans Am Jams, packs a whiskey-soaked punch over seven instantly memorable tracks.” - Joseph Timmons

Indiepulse Music

If you like it down and dirty then SxWxP can provide all of that and more with their brand of groove metal with Southern roots. They may be new, but inexperienced they are not.” - Christopher Gonda

Pure Grain Audio

Fans of this sound are warned. SxWxP is for real. 3.5 out of 5 Stars” - Frederico Orano