Load up the truck and rev the engines – it’s time for something low down and dirty. That sweet spot between hard rock and heavy metal is neatly filled by Kentucky/Indiana-based SxWxP!

Their début album together, Trans Am Jams, packs a whiskey-soaked punch over seven instantly memorable tracks.

Each of the songs are handcrafted for maximum groove and infectious melody, rolling in its Southern dirt influences – as displayed on opening salvo “Rising Tides”. David “Sailor” Bryant (vocals/guitar) has a potent voice which channels the best in grunge metal and Southern rock, highlighted in particular on the melancholic “Fallen Angel”. His bandmates are similarly dialed in to their respective instruments, ripping out solos atop pounding drums and thundering bass lines. This comes especially comes to the fore on the powerful track “Cup of Sorrow”, as the band hit a crescendo and bring the track to a crashing conclusion.  With is, SxWxP is set to send its listeners to the catacombs of the Hard-Rock / Metal Gods! 

The music is complimented with personal / haunting vocal harmonies, masterful bead guitar work and pure straight power to please a wide variety of Hard-Rock / Metal audiences.  

About SxWxP...

SxWxP is lead by Vocalist / Guitarist Dave “Sailor” Bryant a Louisville, KY Metal/ Hardcore veteran who is well know for his time with once Century Media Recording Artist My Own Victim, and followup Metal Powerhouse Surviving Thalia. Scot Smith provides the most profound lead guitar work seen in years that is on par the likes of Dimebag Darrell and Zakk Wylde. Freddy "The Hitman" Griesbaum bass groves and Jason Proctor's drumming provide the undeniable soul of the SxWxP groove.

Together they have formed a formable Hard Rock / Metal Sound that is not to be taken lightly as they are set to let the good times roll!